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Eleven days left in the United States! And still so much to do…

The plane tickets are purchased–leaving Wichita on Friday, August 12th and arriving in Beijing on Saturday, August 13th.

Getting the visas is somewhat of a headache. I’ve found no less than three different visa forms to fill out but I cannot tell which is the current one. And each form wants such detailed information–information I don’t have yet. I remain confident that all will be in order in time to take flight. Thank you to those who have offered encouragement and prayers.

Megan and Maggie are boxing things up to move out of their apartment. Molly and I are sorting through things in the duplex. Soon, Paula will be in town and we can start moving things out of Mom’s house so Megan will have some room for her things. Megan is staying in Wichita and taking care of the pug, cockatiel, and two cats–and working to finish her last few semesters at WSU. The rest of our household belongings (and mother’s things from her house) will go into storage. So, we have three households to move (some of it an hour away) in the next two weeks! [Any volunteers? 😉 ]

Then there are the little things to do like renewing my driver’s license, stopping the mail, changing addresses, taking the dog to the vet, getting immunizations, changing the insurance on the cars and renewing the tags, getting the banking in order to be able to access it in China, figuring out what to pack, finding suitcases… the list just seems to get longer.

The panic fights to set in, but I am sustained by an inner assurance that this is the direction I am supposed to take. I have suffered some personal attacks the last few weeks which makes it even more clear to me that I am on the right course. I daily ask God for a big NO if we are headed in the wrong direction. Even midst the craziness and confusion of the preparations, the path set before us becomes ever more clear. As the doors to China open, more of the doors in Wichita close leaving me to wonder and fear what God has in store for us in this next year–may we all be up to the task.