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The girls moved to Hohhot over the weekend. I traveled with them to help them get settled in and stayed two nights in a hotel. It was much like any American hotel… except the bathtub was much, much, much smaller (I had to soak with my knees to my chin), there is price tag on most of the amenities, the towels come in plastic “decontamination” bags, and there are sex toys for sale in the bathroom. It was a nice hotel with a very fancy Mongolian-style dining hall that hosted a huge breakfast buffet with a few foods we knew. We couldn’t help but notice that there seemed to be a big concern for fire safety, though:

Just inside the entry room door.

On the back of the door to the room.

On the wall in the bathroom.

On another note: I finally have internet in my apartment so look for more frequent posts. I also have lots of pictures to share and plan to spend the weekend uploading and organizing them on this site, so check the Snapshots page in a few days.

Thank you for the encouraging comments and the notes from home. The editor I am able to use in China to post to the blog makes it difficult for me to reply, but please know your thoughts are very much appreciated. We are missing you all in Kansas, even the hot weather ;-).