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Hohhot: the things I’ve recently realized as rather weird.  It can best described in a series of lists and pictures.  Enjoy.

List Number 1: Outdoor Plant Attire

  1. The White Tuxedo (tasteful)
  2. The Gold Vanna White (classy)
  3. The…Burlap Sack (pitiful)

Lister Number 2: Seemingly Superfluous Voctions

  1. The Human Street Sweeper (I’ve featured them before and I’ll feature again.  The orange vests are sassy, the straw brooms are sharp, and their job is to…keep the streets safe from dust and dirt.)
  2. Traffic Directors (They stand at intersections and direct traffic.  They stand at intersections that already have traffic lights and direct traffic.)
  3. Bathroom Attendants (Seems nice…but even Pizza Hut has them.  I mean…really?)
  4. Security Guards (The place we stay has two!  Plus there is a legion that patrols the streets in our already gated and barbed wired neighborhood.  By legion, I mean a group of 8 guys in tall fuzzy hats that walk by in 30 minute intervals.  At all times of night an day.)
  5. The Person At McDonalds/KFC That Cleans Up Trash (You don’t throw away your own trash in these establishments.)
  6. Parking Assistants (Not valet, really, but they stand in parking lots and help you back into or park properly in a parking spot.)
  7. Sales Associate (Yeah, we have them in the US.  The job itself isn’t that weird.  What is weird is the force they represent in a store.  A store the size of Claire’s or the Icing in Wichita here generally has 8 – 9 employees in it at any given time, from what I can tell.  In the grocery store we generally frequent, there are associates on every aisle).

List Number 3: The Architecture of Hohhot

Hohhot is in Inner Mongolia Province and has had a diverse cultural background.  Because it’s on the somewhat fringe of Chinese civilization, it has had cultural influences most directly from the Mongolians and Russians.  In fact, Mongolian writing is seen on signs here much like Spanish is featured on signs in the US.  These different cultures have influenced the traditional food of Hohhot, the clothing and hairstyles, and the way buildings are constructed and designed.

  1. Lamp Posts:

  2. Random Statues:

  3. Domed Roofs:

  4. And this really has nothing to do with anything, but it’s like the entire city is constantly under construction.  So mostly this is all we can see:

    Sorry about the poor quality of pictures.  It’s very smoggy here on some days and really the only time we have to take pictures is on our way to schools throughout the city.  By the time we get back generally the sun is setting (because they don’t do daylight savings time here).  Furthermore, it’s REALLY cold…so even if we could walk around and take perfect photos, it’d be rather uncomfortable.  But I hope you get the idea.