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I’m certain that more than a few of my pyromaniac relatives would fit in perfectly here in China.  Why?  Because they set off fireworks for just about everything.  You get used to the noise eventually, but at first I was constantly jumping and looking out of the window (they don’t do drive-bys, here, right?).  Mostly fireworks are used at the end of a wedding ceremony (which happen on any day in China at any time, it seems), but I think they’ve also been used to commemorate birthdays and other festive occassions.

Recently while waiting at a bus stop, I was lucky enough to capture the eight-minute long firework display at a strip mall down the street.  Mostly the show includes about three minutes of never ending strings of Black Cats, followed by fireworks that are more up in the air and make smoke and pretty flashes (or drop army men).  After and during there is, of course, a cocaphony of car alarms and the echoes and reverberations off of the tall apartment buildings (that are everywhere here).  It’s a wonderful event and it happens basically every day, generally more than once.