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This is how we spent our New Years Eve!  Yes, it was on a Saturday, but we still had to work! (The teachers get the first, second, and third off…even though the first is a Sunday and we generally don’t have to work on that day.  But in order to have SO MANY days off, the teachers have to work on Saturday to make up for it.  China isn’t one for slacking).  We had fun, though.  We watched the students at Mom’s kindergarten dance and the teachers dance.  There were speeches made, Mom made people sing to some English songs, and then we all made dumplings!

Dumplings are a tradition – you pretty much make or eat them on any holiday here (except Moon Cake Day…).  I can’t say they’re my favorite food here in China, but everyone else seems pretty pumped on them.  When I go back to the US, my ambition is to make taco dumplings.  I think that filling would be much better than the meat/veggie/MUSHROOM/TOFU mess that they put in dumplings here.