Hi.  Maggie here.  This is a blog about China and how me, my little sister (Molly) and my mom get to live for a year there.  Why?  Because at the start of July 2011 we were given the amazing opportunity to travel there to visit preschools and teach them about western culture.  We arrive in August or September and are supposed to be there for a whole year!  You might think we’re impulsive, but you can’t deny this is the opportunity of a lifetime.  For me, it means putting off my last year of college, some compelling job opportunities, and a my, like, two or three friends.  My little sister will be postponing her first year of college and she’s not too excited about leaving behind facebook and her cellphone and her friends.  But all told, we’re okay with cutting ties in Wichita…for a little bit.  Personally, I think my mom has the most to miss.  There’s my older sister Megan who we all think is her favorite daughter and her pug Sophie who snores and snorts and has moles and eyes that point in different directions.  She’s leaving behind her piano students, her lifeguards, her pool, her band…but the biggest part of our lives we’ll miss is our family (you might say extended family, but for us they’ve never been far or distant or any other synonym for extended).  And to top it all off although Molly, Mom, and I will be together in China, we’ll be in vastly different areas.  My mom will be in Beijing, the heart of China, while Molly and I will be in Hohot, which is in/near Mongolia  That is, according to our count, 647 miles apart.  It’s not going to be easy, being away from family.  Which leads me to our url: ilyfromchina.com.  Recently we’ve lost a grandma/mom/sister/matriarch supreme who was much loved by our family.  While I bet I could write an entire, endless, separate blog about her zest for life and teaching and the color orange and mushrooms, the part of her that applies to this blog was the fact that she worked with hearing impaired children and always signed cards with a drawing of the ASL (American Sign Language) symbol for “I love you”.  It’s an important part of her that we like to keep going and that’s what this blog is about.  No, not my dead grandma. It’s about spreading love and missing love and learning and living.  In China.


13 thoughts on “About”

  1. Robin Eshelman said:

    What an exciting opportunity for you all!

  2. Kristi Williams said:

    Good luck to you all on this amazing adventure!

  3. Debbie Boldea said:

    Wow! You just never know where God will lead you! I look forward to reading about your adventures and experiences.

  4. We just got back from China! It was amazing! Exercise your quads…. You’ll be doing a lot of squatting! Read up on potty training in China…it’s crazy…you’ll see lotsvof infants with no diapers and crotch-less pants on. Where will you be living while you’re there? Also, if you can swing it sometime, take a side trip to Siem Riep Cambodia and see Ankor Wat….its a cheap, cheap place to go and was our favorite part of our trip.

  5. Carolyn said:

    Wishing all of you a great trip. I will miss a big part of my family with all of you away. Will be watching for updates.

  6. Aunt Sally said:

    I am really excited for you. i even plan to use my computer to keep up with you. Love, Aunt Sally

  7. Baolinh Duong said:

    My boys Jeremy,Joseph and myself will miss you and your piano lessons. We wish you and your daughters nothing but the very best. Enjoy your adventure! We will see you later.

    Baolinh Duong and family.

  8. Maggie,

    A jiang shi, also spelled jiangshi or chiang-shih (in Wades-Giles), and also known as a Chinese “hopping” vampire or zombie, is a type of reanimated corpses in Chinese legends and folklore.According to legend, in the day, the jiangshi rests in a coffin or hides in dark places such as caves. At night, it moves around by hopping, with its arms outstretched. It kills living creatures to absorb their qi (life essence). One of the counters is a broom (among other things.

    Stay safe.


  9. I’m enjoying your posts! They make me smile 🙂 Keep them coming!

  10. Aunt Sally said:

    Just was able to get on and read your great comments and see the wonderful pictures. It is truly an adventure of the lifetime for the three of you. We love you all very much and wish you alll much health and happieness on your adventure.
    just to let you know mom liked Peggy best..
    You are in our prayers constantly.

    Uncle David and Aunt Sally

  11. Sandy Hatfield said:

    Your description of you first day is so entertaining. Makes all those years I had first days sound dull. Mine too were working in a different language, sign language. I agree that the little ones are indeed alien creatures in need of civilizing. I’m sure you are up to the job. Keep on trucking or should I say hokey poking?

  12. Vicki Marsh said:

    Travel is mind and body numbing but you will not be sorry you took the journey. Thank you for sharing the fun and adventure with us. I am so enjoying your notes.

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